Search Skills

New England K-9 SAR is a full-service airscent K-9 unit with over 35 years of search experience. At most wilderness search calls, we provide 5-10 dog/handler teams with field navigator/medical support from the Upper Valley Wilderness Response Team In addition to dog/handler teams, we provide our own radio communications and computer support, mapping software, printed maps, and GPS technology. Each dog/handler/field assistant team (2 humans & one dog) will efficiently and effectively search a minimum of 80-160 acres in their first shift of 3-4 hours. The combined landmass for the first shift response is up to the first ½ mile surrounding the Point Last Seen (PLS). These teams are all managed under an “Operational Leader” through our own communications base run by 1-2 radio operators. Our base is linked directly to search management and is under their overall command. All personnel are also trained in crime scene preservation.

Our wilderness-certified dog teams are trained to find the subject whether they are alive or deceased. We have successfully recovered human remains missing from a few days up to 6 years. We also have teams trained to locate subjects who may be under water, in debris or buried in snow.